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8 Ways to Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

8 Ways to Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

Spanking is one of the most debated parenting topics. While most pediatricians and parenting experts don't recommend spanking, most of the parents around the world admit to spanking their kids as they feel it’s the only effective way to make their children stop the wrong behavior.

Studies show that aggression results in long term consequences to the child so if you want alternatives to spanking here is 8 healthy ways to punish your kid:

1-Place Your Child in Time-Out

Hitting kids for misbehavior sends a mixed message. Your child will be confused why it's OK for you to hit him but not OK for him to hit his sister but if you place him inTime-Out he will have enough time to calm down and it will teach him how to calm himself down afterwards. 

2-Take away a privilege 

2-Take away a privilege

A spanking hurts for a minute or two but taking away a privilege hurts longer. Take away the TV, video games, his favorite toy or a fun activity for the day and he’ll have a reminder not to repeat that mistake.Usually, 24 hours is long enough to teach your child to learn from his mistake.

3-Ignore Mild Misbehavior

This doesn’t mean to let your kid do a wrong behavior but if your child is doing an attention seeking behaviorto get attention by whining or complaining, don’t give it to him. Look the other way, pretend you can't hear him, and don't respond.When he stop this behavior return to focus on him.

4-Teach New Skills

One of the main problems with spanking is that it doesn’t teach your child how to behave better it only makes him has amounts of  inside anger.

5-Provide Logical Consequences

Making your child understand what will happen if he did this attitude is a great way to make him stop doing this behavior.

6-Allow for Natural Consequences

make children learn from their own mistakes. For example, if your child doesn’t want to wear a jacket, let him go outside and get cold—as long as it's safe to do so. This will make your child learn from his mistake.

7-Reward Good Behavior

Reward Good Behavior

Instead of hitting your child for misbehaving, reward him for good behavior. For example, if your child fights with his siblings, set up a reward system to motivate him to get along better with them.

8-Praise Good Behavior

avoid behavior problems by catching your child being good. For example, when he’s playing nicely with his siblings, point it out. Say, “You are doing such a good job sharing and taking turns today.”

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